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VOIR TOUS Organic handmade soap

Bieau Viva Laundry detergent

Produit biologique maison
Format 10L

Bieau Viva laundry detergent will leave your clothes clean and smelling ultra-fresh.  May be used in HE or normal washers. A load of freshness with pure essential oils, phosphate-free and containing no harmful surfactants for the environment.  Allows you to safely wash your clothes as often as you like. This specific laundry detergent does not have a scent so it is perfect for babies and for people who are sensitive to perfumes.
As well, the fabric softener by same name will leave your clothes even softer without static-cling. The 4liter makes 80 loads and the 10liter makes 100 loads.


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Bieau Viva Laundry detergent