Do you know our history?

Do you know our history?

The beginnings in 1994

Gilles Lamoureux, working on his lands, developed a particular hobby; the sale of limousin seeds. Gilles was among the firsts in Quebec to do this practice. Perfectionist, his bulls had to be perfect, wich entailed no mosquito stings. He undertook a search for an effective and natural insect repellent that would not affect his bulls' seeds.

Gilles Lamoureux was an immunologist with a PH.D. and researcher at the Armand-Frappier Institute in Laval. As a result, he discovered the lack of natural antiparasite products on the Canadian market. Concerned about the environment and wishing a healthy future for the ecosystem, animals, and children, Gilles started searching for synergy in essential oils.

The birth of Citrobug

It is in 1996 that he homologated his first formula with Health Canada. It was a 100% natural, effective mosquito repellent recipe without danger to the environment.

As time went on, he made many tests and researches on the product with his research team; to assess its quality. The mosquito repellent revealed itself to be one of the most effective, despite its 100% natural composition.

At this moment, the main activity at Heloise Laboratoire Inc. was the sale of recipes; developed by Gilles; to far-seeing enterprises of the time. It's only with the arrival of the mosquito repellent product, too efficacious to sell, that Gilles decided to change the enterprise's vocation to market his products himself.

Citrobug marketing

A deep down researcher, Gilles went throught many difficulties with market competition and left aside the product for many years.

It is Gilles' youngest child, Marie-Gabrielle, who took over the enterprise and shed light on an out-of-ordinary product. Overcoming multiple difficulties, Marie-Gabrielle developed a market throughout Canada and many of the United States.

Today, Marie-Gabrielle's daughter, Pascale Lavoie, will take the helm of the family enterprise to continue to inform consumers of the importance of using non-toxic, natural products for our sake, the sake of animals, and the sake of the environment.

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